Marty Sarbey de Souto


Marty says she’s been in the travel industry “forever” – not so, it just seems that way.  She got her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Arizona, then spent a year in Europe, taking in lots of theatre in London and fashion shows in Paris, finally returning to her first travel job with SITA Tours in Manhattan.  “After I’d been there a year, someone realized I spoke Spanish and on 48 hours’ notice they sent me off to escort a six-week tour with 15 teenagers, around the U.S. and Mexico.  That was my initiation to the tour industry.

“Three years later, I moved to Berkeley, California where I continued in the group tour business, ultimately designing my own tours for women, working over the years for several different tour operators and a couple of years in the cruise industry as well. I met my husband at International House at the University of California Berkeley campus when he arrived in the U.S. from Argentina and after many years of marriage I’m teased due to my Argentine accent that I’ve picked up.

“I obtained my California teaching credential and then my Certified Tour Counselor (CTC) and began teaching travel/tourism at Berkeley City College.  Ultimately I designed a full curriculum in tourism for the college, including exciting new classes like Adventure Travel, Women’s Travel, and Travel Writing.

“My latest endeavor has been textbook writing for the Travel Institute in Boston and continuing to write a column for the trade publication, “Leisure Group Travel.” I may be reached at my own company, Sarbey Associates, at