Beth Ringhofer


St. Louis born and raised, Beth has 30 years of airline experience with TWA, having worked at the airport, the ticket office, in inside sales and ultimately in outside sales.  “Just about the only thing I didn’t do was to work as a flight attendant. But when the corporate raiders descended, I eventually moved to California with my family.

“This was an exciting time when the Silicon Valley was developing and I was calling on major corporate accounts. But finally in 1958 I could see the writing on the wall for TWA, so decided to retire and enrolled in Berkeley City College’s travel industry program. It was here that I met the program’s director and instructor, Marty Sarbey de Souto.  and studied travel agency operations:  incentive travel, vacation planning, group travel, FITs, the role of ARC, and more. I worked for several specialist tour operators, the last three years setting up and escorting trips to Cuba.

I am now really and truly retiring, although I may do some contract work here and there. My husband, Matt, and I hope to be able to travel together on some more lengthy trips like our latest 30-day visit to Peru. No more 3-day quickies on stand-by!