We welcome new members who may wish to join us throughout the year.  Please note the following:

Benefits To You By Joining

  • You can project a higher level of professionalism to your clients, vendors, and associates.
  • You can network with industry colleagues, learning from each other.
  • You can enjoy socializing with others in our industry at our various meetings and events.
  • You’ll learn more and more about travel and the industry that surrounds it as you meet members who’ve “been there, done that” and as you meet several of our members who have taught tourism for years.
  • You can receive discounted members’ rates at our events/activities.
  • You may promote your business/company to others in the industry.
  • You’ll find this a way to hear of changes, new trends and travel products coming into the marketplace which may affect us all.

How To Join Us

If you are a brand new applicant, we need three things from you:  (l) The application form, (2) A $25 payment, and (3) A current business card.  If you have been a member previously and have not changed employer or contacts, you do not need to submit the business card.  You may choose to scan and send the necessary items to us electronically or via the U.S. Post Office, as you wish.  Please note the following:

The Application Form. To open and print out the form you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you don’t have it, click here to download and install it; then click here to open the SFTP membership /renewal form. Complete the form, scan it, and send it electronically to: or mail it to our treasurer, Beth Ringhofer, at the address printed on the form.

The $25 Annual Membership Fee.  You may submit this by using PayPal (see PayPal information to the right) or by personal or business check via the U.S. mail to our treasurer, Beth Ringhofer, per the address printed on the application form.

Your Business Card. Only needed if you’re new to us or if you have had a change of employer or contacts.  Here again, you may choose to scan it and send it to us electronically at or mail it with your application to the address printed on the application form.

Note – should our treasurer, Beth Ringhofer, be traveling, feel free to contact us at:

Elegibility For Membership

All adults currently working in the travel-tourism-hospitality industry are eligible for membership if they have been employed with their present company for at least six months prior to joining.  We assume that all applicants have a basic knowledge of the workings, customs, and ethics of our industry.

Cost Of Membership

Membership fee is currently a low $25 per year from January 1 – December 31. There are no pro-rata fees for less than one year.  Costs of attendance at the various dinners, events, etc. are in addition and may vary depending on the venue. Members may bring guests to events (with the exception of the January business meeting) at a slightly higher fee per each event.

For your convenience, SFTP accepts membership payments using PayPal. It’s safe, quick and convenient and you don’t have to open a PayPal account.

The dues are $25.00
per calendar year.

When And Where Do We Meet?

Most activities are in downtown San Francisco, usually on Thursday evenings, so that many of us may come on BART when possible.  Occasionally we may meet at a member’s home or elsewhere.